Anti Virus

Imagine your business unexpectedly comes to a halt….for 4 days; you can’t access you PC systems, the network is frozen and the server lights have stopped flashing. Roughly how much money do you think you’ll lose over this four day period?

Your business is at risk….
If your network is connected to the Internet, then it can be infected with viruses.

Computer viruses are renowned for causing this amount of havoc and on average, cost a small company £5000 to clean up for each infection. If your network does become infected, your data will be put at risk.

Examples include:

  • File corruption
  • File deletion
  • Sending of sensitive data both internally and to unauthorised external users
  • Unauthorised access by hackers trying to compromise your networked systemm

Prevention is much better and cheaper for your business than trying to cure the anti virus threat once it has taken hold. For this reason Lithium actively promote NOD32 anti virus solutions; all of which can be deployed as externally managed services, so you can carry on with running your business. We take care of IT for you.

Not sure about ESET NOD32 anti virus ?

We can install a 30 day FREE trial of a NOD32 anti virus solution onto your network, so that your business can experience the peace of mind and prevent virus infection before it costs you thousands.

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