Broadband Services

What broadband can do for your business
The speed of access and constant connection of broadband allow businesses to take greater advantage of the Internet in a number of ways, including:

“Permanent connection to the Internet opens up opportunities for streamlining business processes. You could link your online shop with your other essential business systems – known as back office systems – to cut administrative costs and improve efficiency.”

Fixed monthly costs make it nice and simple
Despite paying a flat fee for broadband access, businesses can save money while also making more use of the Internet. The cost of broadband will be balanced by saving time and resources – thanks to a more streamlined and efficient way of doing business.

Designed primarily for business users, our prices start from £19.99 + VAT* for our 8Mb service (2Gb cap) and all of our packages include 1 fixed IP address. We can also help you select the best hardware to compliment your chosen service.
* Connection fee applicable

Open up a world of opportunities
Broadband can help you to improve customer service, allowing you to respond within minutes to emails from clients or orders placed through your website. You can link your computer systems with your suppliers, so you can place orders more quickly and efficiently.

Staff will be able to communicate increasingly via email, which means phone and postage bills can be reduced. You could use broadband to set up virtual private networks (VPNs) to allow off-site and home workers access to email and data. Greater collaborative working and video conferencing may be possible, which could reduce courier and travel costs.

Broadband can help your business become more flexible and more able to adapt to your staff, customer and supplier needs. For example mobile or home-working staff can access your network remotely.