Umbrella, from Cisco, provides a low cost web filtering solution which utilises the cloud to provide two major benefits to companies of any size.

  • Undesirable or questionable websites such as Pornography or gambling can be blocked at a company wide level, enforcing your companies acceptable usage policy.
  • Umbrella also provides cloud intelligence – blocking visits to sites likely to host malware, and stopping communication with botnets. This provides an additional line of defence to complement your anti-virus and is crucial in protecting against new threats such as Ransomware.

Umbrella typically cuts subscription costs by as much as two thirds against comparative systems; while eliminating the need for additional hardware, maintenance, and expensive support agreements. We offer two versions – Umbrella for SMBs with a server which allows identification of users via integration with active directory, or Umbrella Basic which is suitable for smaller clients who don’t have an in-house server.  This product can also be used to protect public or guest wireless networks.

Why do I need this?

Simple answer…protection.  Why not add an inexpensive layer of protection if you are presented with the option?  In addition to the additional layer of protection, Umbrella’s web filtering allows you to block any site you want, as well as monitoring internet usage.  That may be worth it alone!

Licensing is based on a ‘per user’ basis rather than the expensive ‘per device’ or ‘per ip’ models of other content filtering systems. So a power-user with a PC, laptop, iPhone & tablet gets protection for all devices for the cost of a single license, which starts from as little as £360+vat p/a for 10 users.

If you’d like to give it a try with a free 14 day trial account, please get in touch.