Lithium Systems Limited – Logging Calls and Faults

We are here to help

We realise your day will not be going according to plan when your Computer / Phone or software is not functioning at its best, but hopefully we can assist and diagnose your issue as quickly as possible.

Logging Fault Calls

When contacting us with an issue, we require as much information as possible before we can start to diagnose the problem. To facilitate this, all support issues should be logged on our fault logging system in the following ways:

Email support (if possible) with a description of the fault.

Telephone support
support Line 01259 727847, again providing a brief description of the issue.

If fault requests are emailed or telephoned directly to our staff, they may be away from the office on customers’ sites and subsequently will not be logged on our system until they return to the office, resulting in unnecessary delays.

Dealing with Daily Disasters

Our Admin staff are fully trained in dealing with urgent IT issues and may ask you to perform various initial tasks on your first contact prior to an engineer being passed the call. This has proven to be a valuable service to both clients and Lithium.

Keeping you in touch

When your call is logged with us, your chosen contact should receive an email from our support system with the relevant information about the call and a ticket number which can be used in future correspondence.